Rants on Creation

I recently made a series of small examples for processing. This of course was redundant to a point because processing already brings examples built into the software. I see these “pre-built” examples as a lazy way of going about in learning about processing and code. These “pre-build” examples just paste in code for you. If you are pasting in code then you’re not really looking at it. If you’re not able to look at the code and follow it by the steps that it does then you’re not understanding how it works. If this happens then you really can’t come up with your own code later on. This is why its important when you do something you really must understand how something works to the smallest detail. The idea or notion that “oh, the computer does that for me, I don’t need to know how it works” is a failed excuse. Its convenient for us all to just throw a drape over something and call it “technology.” We must look behind that drape and see what is inside so to be truly creative.

Lots of designers do this.. they play around with some buttons or settings and call it “design.”

I feel designers are getting fat buying all of these programs that are titled ”creative.” These programs as advanced as they may be are really limiting the creativity of the designer to the limits of the program version. When you speak of creative coding you may not be aware that you can actually push the bounds of a program to the level of imagination that you yourself hold at the time.

Its important to know how a program works, not only by “knowing what buttons or menus to use,” but also understanding the inner workings of the program. If you do not know what it’s doing behind the scenes then really what is happening is that the program is using you. All you’re doing is making a product of that program not a product that is yours. Creation is more about using your natural talents of intellect and applying that to a mechanical system. That mechanical system is not going to know how to act, you as the creator must dictate to it how to act. Telling it what steps to take, and what to do in each step. That way you’re actually innovating and improving on how society lives by creating something that is more human than mechanical. When we innovate and improve our daily lives, we are better prepared and freed to make greater achievements. These greater achievements then allow us as a modern society to grow forward.

These steps of moving forward start with the individual, and his or her need to better understand how something works to the finite detail.

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Dany Rivera
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