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WebGL says, "Hello Earth!"
• WebGL •
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interactive coding creative

A OpenCV feature detector written in C++
• openCV •
coding motion graphics creative

Sketch showing the ability of how to control text layout using processing.
• processing text •
coding after effects motion graphics creative

An Adobe After Effects project driven purely by expressions.
• Hello Joe •
after effects motion graphics

A bumper giving promotion to online tutorials for Processing and Quartz Composer.
• knowledge bumper •
projection interactive coding creative

A revisited processing project I recently completed.
• Poster App •
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interactive coding creative

Documenting the building of a custom content management system.
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Visual project showing why open source technology and the ability to program is vital in today's modern society.
• Open Possibilities •
coding creative

Part one of a larger ongoing project. This shows the results of some research I did into twitter's api.
• open tweets v.01 •
after effects motion graphics creative

Animated work showing the evolution of the tank logo.
• tank evolution •

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