open tweets v.01 :
Recently twitter has been making significant changes to its policy on how a user can access their tweets. The policy changes have sparked great interest for a number of reasons. These reasons are too broad and long to cover in this description. So to sum it up very briefly, twitter has been denying users access to it's large data sets, lots of this data the user themselves created. Its interesting to see how large companies treat the rights of access to the data. It's no secret that twitter has been struggling to create a profitable business model and has had little success. My research into twitters API as of July 2012, shows that a tweet has a lifetime of 2 years from the time of its original post. This means anything before 2010 is already considered expired and no longer accessible to the user.

For this project I wanted to create a web application that would "Liberate" my tweets from twitter before they are "no longer accessible." The web application function is to aggressively grab tweets from my account and copy the tweets to a private server. Not all of the tweets on the account are grabbed, only the tweets that are considered to be random sayings. Anything with a link or a mention is automatically discarded by the web application.

View this web application.

Download the source from github.

Featured Project Name: open tweets v.01
Project Start Date: 07/2012
Project End Date: 07/2012
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Dany Rivera
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