Open Possibilities :
This project was very special to me. I was extremely excited when I was shown a room filled of powerful machines. When I see things like this it sparks my imagination of how we can put them to work in a very synchronous manner. I asked those in charge of the room, if anyone had ever tried to make all the machines act as one machine? Naturally, they were curious of my question and asked me to demonstrate what I meant. I took about 15 mins to link everything up, including taking the time to write a basic quartz composition that generates square particles in a ribbon like manner. Immediately after I did this, I was asked to direct a film crew and make a small promo of the work. Demonstrating how network computers and using open source technologies can be used as large installations and custom content can be generated in mere minutes. The whole concept was to make one single monitor of 24 monitors, and show that drop frame rates would not be an issue. To accomplish this, I needed to do three things:
  1. Make all the screens act as one.
  2. Give the processors something heavy to handle as if they were processing raw HD footage.
  3. Keep the solution as basic as possible so that it may be built upon in the near future.
Featured Project Name: Open Possibilities
Project Start Date: 06/2011
Project End Date: 06/2011
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Dany Rivera
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