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I develop a variety of art and commercial projects through embracing emerging technologies, interactivity, and new media. The tools I use for my creative expression start from pencil & paper, and evolve to the digitally completed project. I am particularly passionate about using various types of mediums to show my creativity. That includes anything from completing a project digitally or even going back to traditional art on canvas. I enjoy identifying patterns in nature and applying them to my own work. My work includes graphic design to computer-engineered systems. When I am not hard at work on a project, my free time goes to reading up on the latest research papers related to my field of work.
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Passion fuels my individuality. Those passions lie in Software Development and Visual Fields of Human Communication. It took me a few years to truly comprehend how visual images affect or enhance the human experience. Traditional schooling is not enough to understand this broad abstract topic. So, I set myself on a quest to do as much research as possible. In this quest, I made great strides by playing in live venues as a VJ for major music festivals. Allowing me to create custom content and see its’ effects on a live audience. By focusing on key visual theories I was able to narrate and control aspects of the viewers psyche using visuals alone. You can find this visual persona of mine on the web as k.o.d.3000.

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